What is mapping?

Q. What is mapping.
A. The most frequently asked question, mapping is a tuning procedure
for all late vehicles with engine control units, by using computer
software we are able to fine tune engine management for economy or
performance and much more.

Q. What are the benefits, what will i gain.
A. By opting for an Economy program you could save 15-20% on fuel costs
on petrol engines and increase in torque.
Diesel engines gain far more on fuel saving and torque.
By opting for a Performance program you could gain up to 15-20% more
power on normally aspirated engines and up to 25-30% more torque, and
and greater gains still on turbo engines.

Q. Is it safe, i have heard that mapping damages engines.
A. Yes it is completely safe, all maps are bespoke maps developed for
the requirements specified without over stressing your engine.